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  • 8 ears of corn
  • 2 pounds of yellow summer squash (medium large, so 3 pieces)
  • 6 ounces of basil (which is a lot!)
  • 2 heads of garlic
  • 1.5 pounds of carrots (plus some extra)
  • as much lettuce as wanted (which was three small heads, one Boston, one red Boston, one green leaf)
  • 9 ounces of cucumber (which was two cukes)
  • a big bunch of parsley (which tastes of Passover garnish and tabouli; suggestions for use welcome, or let me know if you have a use for it)
  • a bunch of green kale
  • two orange tomatoes (plus 2 extra for being towards the end of the distribution)
  • a bunch of beets with their greens (I chose golden, for that one and the end-of-distribution bonus bunch)
  • a bunch of red onions (and a second for end-of-distribution bonus)
  • a third of a pound of oyster mushrooms

First thoughts: tomato-corn salad with basil, and chives from the porch, possibly with some lime juice.
kale and beet greens sauted with onion, potato, egg, and some interesting spices.
star anise pickled carrots, or perhaps some with the last of the garlic scapes and dill.
sauted onions and mushrooms with roasted summer squash (and feta if I had any, or can face the walk to Trader Joe's in this punishing head + humidity).
not sure yet what to do with the golden beets; I like their color better raw, but flavor and texture are better when cooked.
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  • three pounds of regular cucumbers (which is a lot of cucumbers, as it turns out, and these are the regular ones I don't love, so (a) suggestions for unusual salads or (b) locals who'd be willing to pick up some cucumbers are welcome)
  • four very small summer squash (I chose green and gold zucchini, plus 7 extras because I was at the tail end of the pickup)
  • a bunch of Ailsa Craig onions with some green stem (plus an extra from the 'free' box)
  • two bunches of dill or cilantro (obviously, I chose dill, and the coordinator gave me another two bunches)
  • a head of lettuce (I chose red leaf)
  • six ounces of basil
  • one bunch of red beets with greens
  • two heads of garlic on the stalk
  • two stalks of broccoli
  • one bunch of purple kale
  • six ounces = two king oyster mushrooms

This week's newsletter from the farm featured the fennel we'd be getting. Notice what's not on the list above? Yup, fennel. It happened last year, too, so I've sent an email to the farm asking that they either (a) get us some fennel, or (b) not strongly feature things that they're not going to send to every distribution site. I'd been planning to make lemony fennel relish. Which is not to say that the rest of this week's share is awful or anything (though I could've done with a lot less cucumber, unless they were pickling cukes).

Anyway (oops, the rest got cut off somehow), I'm not feeling super inspired for particular recipes, just 'saute veg + eggs' or some salad variants. ::sigh::
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  • 4 pickling cukes
  • 4 summer squash (I chose zucchini, one of them golden)
  • a bunch of carrots (plus some extra)
  • a Napa cabbage
  • a bunch of little red onions with their scallions on
  • two heads of lettuce (I chose red leaf)
  • a bunch of lacinato kale
  • a pound of garlic scapes (plus as much as I wanted extra, which was... a not inconsiderable quantity)
  • 6 ounces of mixed interesting mushrooms

First thoughts: roasted summer squash; slaw of Napa + shredded carrot + sauteed bits of garlic scape + peanut dressing; pickled garlic scapes and carrots.
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  • a bunch of purple kohlrabi with greens
  • a bunch of kale (I was lucky and got one of the few lacinato ones)
  • two heads of lettuce (I chose a red leaf and a Boston, and was given a third, another Boston)
  • a bunch of scallions
  • 5 ounces of garlic scapes
  • a bunch of cilantro (traded for more scapes)
  • two pickling cucumbers
  • two small summer squashes (and was given a third)
  • six ounces of yellow oyster mushrooms

First thoughts: green salad, of course (I'm bringing one to Shabbat dinner tomorrow night). Cook the kohlrabi greens and kale with sweet potato, maybe some soy sausage. Sauteed summer squash with mozzarella, maybe a bit of tomato sauce. Kohlrabi-carrot slaw with mustard dressing, also scallions.
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  • 5 ears of popcorn
  • 6 oz. garlic scapes
  • 1 bunch pea tendrils
  • 11 oz mixed salad greens
  • 1 head of lettuce (I chose a red leaf variety)
  • a bunch of winter savory (I have not used this before; suggestions/recipes welcome)
  • 6? oz. oyster mushrooms
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  • a bunch of purple kohlrabi with greens
  • a bunch of oregano
  • half a pound of spinach
  • half a pound of mixed greens (I chose all arugula, ignoring the mixed salad greens)
  • two heads of lettuce (I chose a red leaf (not very ruffled, almost like red romaine), and a green leaf (rather like a green oak leaf))
  • a bunch of cilantro*
  • a bunch of hakurei turnips with greens
  • a bunch of red Russian kale*
  • three garlic scapes
    * put in the exchange box; I took another head of green lettuce and another bunch of kohlrabi in their places
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Thanks to [personal profile] currentlee, I ended up with a share with Red Fire Farm this year, a Wednesday pickup.

This week:
  • two heads of lettuce (I chose the one red leafed kind, and a Boston lettuce)
  • a bunch of spinach
  • a Gilfeather turnip
  • a kohlrabi (bulb only)
  • half a pound of mixed greens (I focused on the mixed baby lettuces and the arugula)
  • a bunch of green garlic
  • a bunch of red radishes with greens

First thoughts: radishes to be fridge pickles; kohlrabi slaw, roasted turnip, lots of salad, sauteed spinach with green garlic.


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