Jun. 5th, 2002 09:04 am
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It turned out to be a much more interesting evening than I'd anticipated (well-rested will be my goal for another evening, instead).
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i headed down to the theater district this afternoon on th T. there were a fair number of people with palm fronds, from which i brilliantly figured out it's palm sunday. two older women got on holding their fronds, one with a kerchief over her head and missing her 2 front teeth, looking to me rather like someone i'd see in a picture from eastern europe, though i heard no accent. she & her friend were talking when an old man came up to them asked them for a frond, since he hadn't been to church, & his wife was ill. (this is the part that amused me so) and the woman in the kerchief's 1st cmment was "oy vey!" then she went on to talk about something about church, & praying for his wife, later asking her name.
i guess i was so surprised b/c it so pointed up how similar this woman is to so many older jewish women i know (except for the palm fronds, the rest of the xtian rather than jewish slant).

there are banners hanging on boston common promoting the marathon. i was pleased to see that there were 3 permutations, a guy running, a woman crossing the finish line, a a wheelchair athlete rolling right out of the banner at the viewer. i wonder how many years they've promoted the wheelchair races as well?

riding alone on the T w/ a cast on, i got lots of glances. i assume people were wondering what i'd broken, and how, esp if it were an interesting story (so sadly, it isn't.). and it made me think more about how each person there is a person full of stories, some with more excitement than others, perhaps, but all with their unique lives, lessons learned, etc. i know it's trite, but sometimes it's hard to remember that everyone (including the ones who drive me nuts) carries a universe with them, is not just a walk-on in the movie of my life.

the reason i was going downtown was to see a mainee w/ a friend, a performance of Momix. wow. wow. wow. if anyone gets a chance to see them it is so well worth it. they are amazing. each piece focussed on one thing, and kept exploring it. in one piece, a man slowly woke up (at first just his shoulders & arms were visible, and they were expressive. and then he used the table he'd been slumped over as the prop for amazing, rather gymnastic dance. throughout, i was so impressed with what the dancers can do with their bodies, the control they have. another piece investigated just what the limits of graceful movement are... while wearing downhill skis. yet another had play on a piece that is made of wire, 2 skew semicircles connected to describe a sphere. and it went on, each piece graceful and impressive, pushing the edges of what i think people can do... the lighting was superbly done as well, an integrated and necessary part of the whole.


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