May. 6th, 2002 01:35 pm
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Saturday night, walking from [ profile] treacle_well's house, there was a small table on the side of the road (also some lamps, left for someone else to harvest). It's not particularly pretty, but I thought it would be useful. And then I realized, brain awhirl after open studios, that I could decorate it so it would no longer be so boring. What to do: a collage over the top? kitschy beads? paint? decoupage? glass-with-something? So many options, yet I wonder if I will manage to choose one and do it.

There are so many other projects like that still only in my head (the wire necklace and the appliqued wall hanging of the days of creation are the ones that come to mind first). Why is the distance between creative thought and action so often so far for me? (Is it just that I worry things won't be as wonderful as I imagine them? Or something else as well?)
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yesterday morning i made herbed matza brei for brunch. why have i not thought of this before? (there are 4 aheets of matza left. i can definitely use those up without difficulty.)

over to queue's for an origami bash, and i managed to fold a decent number of pieces, considering.

[somehow, i start to think a plethora of hand posts is already boring for most, by now. i keep finding new small things every day i can do that i couldn't manage before, and being pleased. but i can well imagine this is less than thrilling reading for people who are not me.
i wonder if this is akin to how babies/toddlers feel about their accomplishments, working hard on walking (or whatever), finally getting it right, but still needing lots of practice, finally being able to walk w/o conscious effort. (though perhaps less verbal about their accomplishments... perhaps this is a good thing...)]

a walk to a nearby park i'd not been to before. why do some people feel the need to put graffitti on monuments? i don't understand it in general, but over something else seems worse. and there was tons of broken glass. maybe breaking things is fun (i can remember times i would've enjoyed it), but not in such an irresponsible manner...

the cool part was when the ladybug landed on my hand, and stayed to visit for a while. it was fascinating to watch him, the leg motions, the circling, etc. why do i assume it was a him? 'cause when i commented on how long it had stayed, hrafn sayed something about it being a male that didn't want to ask directions. and immediately it launched (in a huff?).

dinner was nice, thanks to cthulhia and queue being thoughtful about food: i had hummus & veggies in pita, almost the felafel everyone else had (i still want the recipe, queue! oh, and the veggie biriyani smelled awesome, even if it did turn out rather spicier than planned...)

happy patriot's day.

tonight is also yom hazikaron, israeli memorial day. it is much more a "memorial day" than what i'm used to in the states. there's 3 min of silence, when the air raid sirens go off, and pretty much everything stops. cars stop in the street. so do pedestrians. people stand where they are, in shops, wherever, and think of those who were lost. it's incredibly moving, seeing everything quiet with one purpose. many people go to the military cemeteries, visiting the graves of someone they've lost... i've never seen cemeteries so jam-packed with people. i wish it didn't have to be....

and then tomorrow night is yom ha'atzmaut, israeli independence day. the mood changes utterly, with fireworks, picnics, etc.

i hope both days can be without further violence.


Feb. 24th, 2002 08:33 pm
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making pysanky this afternoon, courtesy of cthulhia, along with hrafn, was really interesting. i'd not thought about all the ways to cover an ovoid surface, all the possibilities for shapes, representational and just geometric, and how layering of color can work. so many different variables and axes to experiment on.... i was also surprised that i was able to make something so pretty even the first time. the tree hrafn drew was amazing, and the detailed work of the master is so impressive.

cthulhia, you may have created an addict!


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