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Shabbat starts around 8 tonight. Since 5 pm I have managed to do this:

Replace the (3) lightbulbs in the hallway that had blown out.
Put a load of laundry in the washer and another in the dryer.
Made a small batch of rolls to use as challah over Shabbat.
Roasted potatoes and onions with rosemary.
Boiled two thistles (well, artichokes).
Steamed salmon over onions and spinach with a slightly sweet slightly spicy soy sauce-based sauce.
Made cooked fruit with dumplings (strawberry, rhubarb, and plum, with some orange juice).

I still want to make a tomato basil scallion salad, but as long as I pick the basil before Shabbat, I can do the rest on Shabbat. And I still need to call my dad, and take a shower. (Why am I posting here?)

Oh, and mazal tov to Michelle & Meyer, 2 friends who just got engaged! Woo-hoo!

Mood: productive, perhaps even efficient
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Friday after work I helped [ profile] queue and [ profile] hrafn move into their new place (along with [ profile] treacle_well and [ profile] zzbottom, as noted elsewhere). I'm glad it didn't rain until later, but the cooler air would've been nice...

I did make it to Shabbat.... )
Today I've been rather slothful, nothing much worth noting. On the other hand, the plants on my porch are taking advantage of the good growing weather (plus rain; I haven't had to water them much this year so far) to send out lots of new leaves (I need to turn some of them, so they're not too lopsided; the advantages of container gardening...), and I'm finally seeing some growth from the ginger! I'd just about given up, thinking that finally getting it into dirt had shocked it so much it had gone into a growing coma or something. Whereas now I'm hoping it just was on a root-growing frenzy.

I got the latest ArtsMail catalog, and am now tryi ng to figure out what I want to see, when, etc. So many choices...
Oh, and [ profile] prog, we should figure out when a cooking session would work, and really schedule it this time!
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Last night potluck was at [ profile] cthulhia's in honor of her roommate's birthday. I was pleased to be asked to make a (vegan chocolate) cake for the event. I missed the beginning of potluck with major food consumption (carousing with actuaries again, as well as running into [ profile] hammercock by the bike path (It always makes me feel good when I see people on the street that I know. The city is not faceless, it is more home than I'd thought, or something like that.)).

Happily, I returned before the s inging of "Happy Birthday," so got to see the enthusiastic cake consumption that ensued. It was also a surprise (pleasant, of course) to see [ profile] prog there.

Many people enjoyed the green silly putty I'm using for therapy, either trying it out, or e nding up in geeky discussions of silly putty properties or buying silly putty in bulk.

I saw disturbing photos digitally made of a cucumber exterior sliced to show orange (the fruit, not just the color) inside. Also an orange with onion inside, and vice versa.

And this birthday monster included herself on the birthday monster clean up crew as well. (Has anyone else read this book?)

Ooh, and how could I forget? I was greatly surprised and pleased by [ profile] pheromone's gift of a stash of white Icehouse pieces. White Ice! (shouldn't that be the name of a mixed drink?)

(I'm sure there were other pieces of the evening I'm forgetting, but a great wave of tiredness descended upon me before I wanted to leave...)

I wish my place were as well laid out for larger group entertaining... definite apartment jealousy...


Apr. 30th, 2002 09:58 pm
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I went to my college friends' fourth kid's upsherin, a first-haircut birthday party on his third birthday. I didn't expect much of this, since I think of an upsherin as a rather chassidic custom, not filled with meaning for me. But it was really nice.

The rest of the event. Much Jewish terminology ahead. )
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(no, this is not about an event at my house.)

a friend of mine got married last month in australia. he used to live here, so he's bringing his bride for a 2-week visit of the old stomping grounds, and some of his friends are throwing a party to celebrate their wedding, since none of us managed to schlepp ourselves out there. well, actually, one other friend and i are planning the party (i still don't quite know how that happened).

we bounced email back and forth, discussing who to invite (who's left who knows him), and, later, food and venue. fine. at least i'm not having to host a party at my house on a weekend i'm going out 2 nights and having a houseguest, even if i do have to produce a quantity of food.

and then this morning checking the home email i find he's sent out an invitation to the whole minyan list! this goes to a couple hundred people. i know most of them won't come, but it is NOT what we had discussed (a month ago, but he didn't email about changing anything). and he put my name on it, too. misspelled. plus he doesn't seem to have emailed any of the people who aren't on the minyan list who were on the invite list. i am so annoyed at this guy.

[later addendum: he hasn't emailed the other people yet; he's waiting for the guest of honor to send a list of invites. so what the hell was that post to the minyan list this morning about?!]

(and it doesn't help i have to do year-end self-review stuff at work; always a hard thing for me to do, saying just how wonderful i was if they haven't figured out that i'm useful (except when posting here, i suppose....))


Jan. 15th, 2002 10:47 am
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my friend z had a baby boy last tuesday (well, monday night, which on the jewish calendar is tuesday, since the day starts at sundown.), and today was the bris (aka brit milah/ ritual circumcision). last night z called and asked me to make motzi (blessing over the bread, at the beginning of the meal after the operation.). i'm honored she thought to ask me. everything ran late this morning (big surprise), but i did make motzi, and stayed for most of the talks explaining why they chose elisha moshe as his name.

may he grow to have joy and passion, knowledge and wisdom.

mazal tov

Jan. 8th, 2002 11:00 am
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ziva & ezra are parents to an 8 lb 6 oz, 20.5 inch baby boy last night at 10.17 pm! hooray! (guess we went to the movie sunday just in time....)
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just got off the phone with a pregnant friend... she's likely to be a mom in the next week, if the medical people have their way. apparently her baby will be rather large.... (ouch).

and a coworker had a baby on the 25th. and a potluck person had a baby on the 28th. and an old friend had a baby on the 14th. and there are still many pregnant friends to go...


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