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License plates recently seen: Mass BIG, Mass SHEBA, Vermont RED HEN.

There are some cool photos of really small living things at this site. (stolen from a comment in [ profile] tigerbright's journal... this was just too neat not to mention...)

A friend has decided to write a kid's book, has asked me to review it. I said ok, partly because I'm curious - I don't know what he's writing about, or the target age, or anything (fiction/non). I hope it's not horrible... I would hate to have to tell him that...

Scratch-and-sniff math books: I wonder what the Pythagorean Theorem would smell like? What about quadratic equations? Or would it just go with some of the application questions?
(Do they still have scratch-and-sniff books? I remember having a couple when I was little, and there were some wonderful smells I think I wore out!)
(I think this was inspired by the wonderful smell of ripe strawberries wafting through my office...)


(annoyance) If you were going to do something that would block off common areas of a living space for a couple of days, wouldn't you alert people in advance? Seems reasonable to me. Yet my neighbors decided to redo the front steps w/o telling anyone, just sending out an email after the fact, which I got after I came home to find the front steps blocked off. And why couldn't this have been mentioned, oh, last night as a possibility for today? (This was done by the same people who keep putting awful kitschy figurines in the back garden. I don't feel I can say anything, since they *are* doing the maintainence things I never do...)(/annoyance)


May. 9th, 2002 02:58 pm
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A cow orker said something about a "big honking book," and all I could think about was a manual for geese, which really would have to be relatively small for geese to be able to use them... ("Honking for Dummies"?)

Artichokes are not designed to be breakfast food: though they taste lovely, they take too long to eat and are not filling enough (guess how I figured this out?).

Talking earlier with a (different) cow orker about LASIK eye surgery. My mom has intermittently suggested I get this done. I'm still not sure. Part of it is not knowing what the long term prospects are (OK, and the idea of someone messing with my eyes is scary).
Some of my reluctance is bizarre psychological stuff: I keep finding myself unsure I want to give up the blurry world that is mine when I don't have correction. Seems stupid, but I wonder if I could fall asleep if the world were still un-fuzzy. It's a declaration in the morning when I put on my glasses that I'm ready to face the day. I find it interesting to be able to see the world with (literally) 2 different perspectives: I see things differently, and it reminds me how many different ways there are to see the same things.
(I've always thought a great exhibit at a science museum would give people the chance to see the world not only near- and far-sighted (different levels) and astigmatized (I am so sure that's not the right word.), but also with different kinds of color blindness, and how different animals see (think of fly eyes...))

Note to self: at a certain point, the curry powder does not change the food's color any more. This does not mean that adding more will not make it spicier...

Bird sighting: there are cardinals outside my window (not the kind with the red beanies, the kind that are red all over (no, not the newspaper! (can you tell I've gotten silly this afternoon?)(this squadron of embedded parens tries to emerge from the bedding, and fails completely. Perhaps tomorrow ...)))



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