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i had my first chametz mid-morning: a bowl of grape nuts with vanilla spy milk (thanks, queue!)... strange how it didn't feel very different than (from? why can i not keep this in my head?) what i've been eating this week. tonight i'll have actual bread, though. i wonder if it'll taste particularly good?

wildlife notes from the office: a bunch of watched a groundhog from the windows today (i'm glad i don't overlook the parking lot). it was just hanging out for a long while, not far from the hole a skunk apparently lives/lived in. (i haven't seen it.).
the ducks are gone from the tiny pond by muzi ford.

one of the pots of scallions that died in my office & i hadn't gotten around to throwing out yet is making a comeback, with green shoots a couple of inches tall already (this without water in months.)

quiet day in the office. a day of getting small things done, but no one thing i can point to & say it's done. atleast i can bring work home to do over the weekend/do monday from home, so i don't have to take a day off for the pin removal/start of therapy. already one of the boss-people asked when she can move me onto another (typing-heavier) project. feh. therapy will be weeks...
(really, typing one-handed is getting faster. the skills i wish i didn't have to improve...)
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i made it to services twice (one evening, one morning). sort of strange how it didn't feel particularly strange, though i did have to figure out how to balance the siddur at different times. good to see people, too. and i was glad to be there for birkat cohanim (blessing of the priests).

yesterday i had another doctor appointment. much has changed. the stiches were taken out. the pins are scheduled to come out on monday (HOORAY!!!), after which i start much more physical therapy. right now, i have removable splint #5 (light blue velcro, this time), which comes only up to the first joint. and i have more exercises, bending the 2 fingers in the splint at both joints. it hurts some to do, but the useful sort of hurt, pushing a bit, but not a lot. the worst of the pain is on the back of my hand, still... i'm so glad the pins are coming out, & my hand will start to heal. in the meantime, i'm on antibiotics- one of the pin sites might be infected, so to be on the safe side...

tonight is the 8th night of the omer, which is 1 week and 1 day of the omer.
such a beautiful day yesterday that after spending so much of it in the hospital, had to get out, visit friends. it was raining by the time i left, so i borrowed a plastic bag for my arm. 1 or 2 friends might've come over, but it ended up being a quiet evening reading daniel pinkwater instead (thanks, hrafn!). he's such a silly writer...
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bits & pieces from the 3-day yom tov:

walking to the 1st seder, near porter sq, & enjoying the walk, realizing it's been ages since i'd had just that feeling of my body in motion & enjoying how it all works together, muscles, bones, etc. rhythm, in the zone, whatever. and holding one hand up didn't seem to be as limiting a factor as previous days, keeping me slower than usual.

walking to the 2nd seder didn't feel as wonderful, but i had a beautiful view of the rising full moon, large & gorgeous.

the seders were completely different in almost every way except for the absolute basics (4 cups; dinner later than people prefer; etc.), and that i got home sometime after 1 am both nights, walking through the quiet streets.
1st night, i was surprised by the haggadah, one i'd not seen before, which included rather a lot about moses, which is not what i'm used to. some of the other english paragraphs i found more thought-provoking than i usually do w/ english readings. one of the earliest-ending seders i've been to (much time for chat after), and one of the most fun-filled, w/ much silliness :-) & i enjoyed sitting next to cthulhia, chatting w/ jb, tcb a bit.
2nd night was a smaller, older group (i said the 4 questions). we alternated the leader reading the haggadda w/ others reading the translation, and asking questions as they were thought of. w/ only 8 people, it was easier to have everyone in a conversation at once. i counted the 1st night of the omer (counting up to shavuot, 50 days later).

both mornings i slept in, desperate for sleep. happily, people joined me for lunch both days, so i had to get out of bed at some point... i made matza brei for the 1st lunch, using the electric burner i'd left on a timer (ie making it worthwhile to have left it on), which started me towards the end of the matza... last year i used only 2 lb, so this year i got 2 lb... and it's already gone. i suppose i'll get more tomorow.

played some games (chez geek, guillotine), read some books, hung out. lower key than i hadany right to expect.
now if i could just get use of my hand... (the fingers have been itching. i know it's unlikely the pins'll come out weds when i next see the doctor, but it would be great...)
still don't know any sort of timeline for after the pins are out; i have to ask weds.
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this year's was the best i've ever had.

lots of factors, including, in no particular order:

* my first painkiller-free day since the surgery (also needing to elevate the hand less while i sleep.)
* leaving work earlier than usual & getting in some last minute shopping (thanks, queue!)
* being the mellowest yet about what absolutely must be done, and what is merely preference (modified by the inability to do major cleaning)
* having a wonderful cleaning lady who knows how to clean for pesach
* having a great sister-in-waiting (hey, tigerbright!) who not only helped cover my kitcen surfaces, but hid the obligatory chametz in ... interesting places that made me laugh (1 tucked above a picture frame. 1 on the ladder she'd brought up to get my pesach pots out of hiding. 1 on the marble track magnets on my fridge. (!). etc.)
* being done w/ what i needed to do at a reasonable hour, early enough that i put things in the oven on timebake, & went off to her house, to keep her company (can't say i actually helped)
* and being out later than i have been much recently, and having a real raincoat to wear for the walk home (now if i could rewaterproof my boots, i'd be in clover...)

and teddywolf was home, and after the start of the from-scratch gefilte fish recipe (this impresses me - i'd never thought to attempt this as home), we played my first game of chez geek, which i think i'll enjoy more when not tired & allergic to cats...
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happy pi day (though queue beat me to it).

a silver lining to my accident: working on a different project, w/ a different boss, at work (since my typing speed is now snail-like).

the sun is finally high enough in the sky that i don't have to wear a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes in my office. and the rosemary is growing with wild abandon now, despite my not having transplanted it yet. the lavender isn't quite as happy, though. i hope it perks up w/o more dirt - it won't be getting any for a while.

yesterday managed to tie a shoe (hooray!), and the day before figured out how to use a can opener. small steps, but they feel good. hopefully the surgery tomorow will go smoothly, and i'll be able to work on bigger finger steps...

it was good to make it to opn last night, though i probably shouldn't have stayed up as late as i did: i've been needing more sleep (which i assume is good, healing time). still, i wouln't have skipped dinner w/ cthulhia to get there earlier.

glad that things seem to be moving in a positive job direction for many of my currently unemployed friends, hoping the rest will catch the same wave.

i can't believe how soon pesach is, & how unprepared i am. must work on this.

...most of the other thoughts drifting through are even less formed flotsam & jetsam...
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I stopped at the kosher market on the way in to work this morning, to grab something for breakfast/lunch, and I shouldn't've been surprised at how most of the store is filled with passover foods, already. There were a few segregated shelves of the other stuff, but mostly, it was passover passover passover. I surveyed the aisles, even bought a couple of things (some jam that was just fruit and sugar, tuna on sale). There are so many things I will never buy for passover, cake mixes (Really, I can live an entire week, more, even, without cake. Hard to believe, but true.), breakfast cereals, other imitation-starchy foods, overpriced desserts, etc. Which is not to say I won't be back, buying some stuff in a week or 2, but my passover eating is more focused on celebrating fruits, veggies, cheese, poultry, etc, rather than on imitating the things that are not kosher for passover.

Still, it's time to start amassing passover foods. I usually try to get things wherever they're cheapest, when I see them, rather than having a day from hell doing passover shopping. Since I have no problem buying veggies during the intermediate days (I have friends who don't do this. Yes, I know some nuts..), the major items are matzah, cheese (some kinds sell out) and the prepared foods I indulge in (eggplant spreads, mostly). Also some quinoa.

At home I am already absurdly pleased when finishing a container of [fill in any food name here]. Last night I found myself making up a batch of cran-ginger chutney, partly because it would finish so many things I had around the place, bags of cranberries, brown sugar, crystallized ginger (yes, the ginger-obsession continues), some fresh ginger, walnuts, etc. It's a bit too early for my fridge to be this empty... (though I still have some almond paste left, so there will probably be some truffles soon)

Plans for the holiday itself are still undecided. Do I make a seder? Depends on who's available. If I don't, do I stay at home, or go to friends in Chicago? (I'm definitely not going to the friends in Sharon, though they invite me every year.)

And of course, I should be planning when I'm going to get the Cleaning of the Kitchen done, not to mention the Kashering of the Oven and Sink, as well as the Covering of All Horizontal Surfaces (anyone who comes over during passover gets to see my draped kitchen.). Luckily, I do not have toddlers who may deposit Cheerios in all sorts of unexpected places... nor do I feel cleaning for passover is a good time to do spring cleaning (I do not eat on my drapes, so there is no need to clean them for passover).

OK. enough rant (why does passover tend to bring out the soap box in me?). Time to attempt to be productive.


Jan. 14th, 2002 06:25 pm
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is being asked to go to a conference of the national catholic educators association because it doesn't run over shabbat (unlike the other group's conferences i'm likely to be sent to), and realizing i can't because it's on passover (into the last days, days i don't work).


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