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somehow i've ended up organizing this in my dept for the last x years (5? i don't know).

this year, i was given "the worst-case scenario survival handbook: travel", which i haven't read fully yet, but includes sections on such hazards as being abducted by aliens (ebe; extraterrestrial biological entity), how to climb out of a well, how to handle a runaway camel, how to survive a severed limb, how to navigate a minefield, how to survive a tsunami, etc etc etc. highly entertaining. plus there are phrases in the back, translated into 4 different languages, helpful things such as "you will never make me talk" and " may i borrow a towel to wipe up the blood?"

i see an entertaining read ahead...


Dec. 20th, 2001 07:14 am
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the book quest continues...
there are more on my list, but i found some last night, and a couple i hadn't been looking for but am pleased to have in the house. particularly the joan bauer book rules of the road. she writes such fascinating stories...
and i couldn't resist getting a used copy of how to eat fried worms, either :-) i remember it being wonderfully icky when i was smaller.
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and i wasn't reading any of them, honest.

someone at work organized a volunteer opportunity at jumpstart, a place that matches up college students to work with kids in day care (head start, etc) one-on-one to make sure they're ready for school when they start going. they'd had some kind of book drive, and we got to sort the books.
something for preschool, or elementary, or young adult, or religious (this covered a fair range, since it included bible figures, halloween, valentines, anything on any holiday you've ever heard of, etc), or broken (:-(.
it was interesting to see the books that came in (i couldn't believe people donated some books _i'd_ never get rid of...), both good and atrocious. there are far too many babysitter's club level books, r l stine, books made by merchandizers. on the other hand, i saw some old favorites, too, so i guess the world is doing ok....

we left work a bit early to get downtown in time (the snow & all), and there was time to grab lunch at milk st cafe. yum. i don't get down there nearly enough (since i'm working in needham most days/times they're open, this is no big surprise). lunch was a slice of goat cheese and onion pizza, and it was great. (drool. i should've gotten more for later...).
and i was pleased to recognize a friend-of-friend i'd met once when we were walking on the street. (friend in question hadn't noticed her. maybe today i could even find waldo!)
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why is it that the last few weekends have seemed so-many-more-than-2-days long?

perhaps it's just having lots of things to do with friends....

sunday i got to read part of a book by will cuppy i'd not read before. he cracks me up, with a rather geeky academic humor. and the 2nd (vegan) chocolate cake was enjoyed as well (i must buy sugar; i completely ran out of regular granulated sugar.).


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