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This is the first year I've worked somewhere that has a break of more than a day or two at the end of the year. It was nice, though I didn't maximize my time as well as I would have liked: I missed at least five social gatherings I would have preferred to have attended, and didn't teach myself anything about Inkscape, as I had intended to do.

On the plus side, I visited my parents for their anniversary aliya (51 years!), and stayed for the talk at the Brotherhood breakfast by George Pins, professor of biomedical engineering at WPI, who discussed his research into engineered replacements for damaged tissues and organs (basically making filaments of fibrin to put in place to encourage the body to heal itself). We stopped at the Northborough Wegman's on the way back, and I was not converted to the cult of Wegman's, perhaps because they no longer have kosher prepared foods at this location. There were some interesting things, but not enough to make it worth while. Perhaps the Chestnut Hill location will have more.

I volunteered, taking on extra desk shifts at Artisan's Asylum, helping out at FIGMENT First Night, and ushering for a show. I also helped friends migrate data from one wiki to another.
I did a bunch of canning, and made a purple dinner (sauteed red onions, purple potatoes, purple carrots, and red cabbage together with some sausage).

Oh, and I finally got new Keens; the old ones had worn through the treads and sole with all my walking, so it was time. Happily, REI had something in stock that fit me (I avoid buying shoes online; fit is too important), and weren't noticeably shop-worn for having been on display, since it was the last pair in my size.

So in short: the things I managed to do were good/useful/fun, but there was a lot I didn't do that I had wanted to. I need to be better about time management....
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