Apr. 16th, 2002 07:06 pm
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the neighbors put in a new patio last fall, and now i'm seeing what it means for me: less green visible from my porch :-(

i hate that there are ants invading my place right now. for me, it's worse than mice, by far, i think because we had ants when i was growing up. the exterminator would come every so often, spray stuff that smelled awful and was probably toxic. blech.

i finished the curried cauliflower improv from last night, the last bit with some eggs poached in it. yum. i'm still reveling in the cooking power.
oh, dang - i have to get one of those egg-stractor things (i wonder if pearl art has them? hopefully i'll remember to call.) so i can save the shells for cthulhia.

from saturday's gaming: someone mentioned there's an online translator into swedish chef. someone else said there's a translator for mr. t-speak (from the a-team; i assume he doesn't talk like that outside the show). so... what about putting something through both translators, one after the other? would it make a difference which was first? (are they commutative?) alas, i am too lazy to try to find the actual urls.

accomplishments of the day: finished state taxes, therapy, a chapter of index checking, paid condo fees for the year, boggle playing... hmmmm. i think i need to do something useful tonight...
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