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One of the books I worked on a couple of years ago won the company's product of the year award (based on sales above projections). (It's "PreAlgebra," if you must know.)

what I get out of the deal )
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I'm reading parts of the California Education Code for work. Excerpts include guidelines for portraying men and women (equal time, not always in stereotypical roles, etc), ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. Other sections prohibit most uses of corporate logos, encourage teaching about ecology, also religious diversity, the dangers of substance abuse, and the role of entrepreneurs (!).

Each topic above has a separate section about it. However, the lawmakers in California saw fit in Section 60042 to group "Thrift, Fire Prevention, and Humane Treatment of Animals and People." Eh?
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I had to read the glossary of Words Into Type, a useful book that hasn't been updated since 1974 (and it shows, in the glossary terms...).

There were a few interesting items.

Pieces of (metal) type for printing used to be kept in cases. The earliest cases had two levels... which is why capitals are "uppercase" and the rest are "lowercase". And if a box doesn't have any type left in it, it's "out of sorts." (there, there.)

"Calender" may usually be a typo, but it is a word on its own, too, meaning to make paper smooth and glossy by passing through rollers.

"Fluent" has an alternate meaning: it's the integral symbol!

"Emage" is not an online wizard, but the area of text measured in terms of ems of its type size (ie, em-age, not e-mage. not something I'd use now...).

And the reason "leading" is pronounced "ledding" is because the strips of metal used to separate lines of type were called leads.

We now return you to your usual, typographically normal program...

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A line that read "Simplify each ratio." in one round of proof somehow became
"implify each ratio."

So of course I imagine the ratio with pointy ears and a long pointy tail...

[rant] There are far too many really horrible things on these pages, things that shouldn't be wrong, that were right last time around, and it's late in the game, too, too late for major screw uppage... [/rant]≤


Apr. 19th, 2002 12:44 pm
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this morning as i was just about to start checking the index (again, or still, or whatever. this is not a task i can work on solidly for hours...), i found out that what i had thought i was going to be working on after this book may change completely.

i t would be on an ancillary, rather that a student edition, which would usually be less than exciting, but in this case, it's a new ancillary, and working with almost the most advanced math we do, so i'm excited.

i also had the first of 6 editorial training sessions. i still haven't decided if it is a good or bad thing i was chosen for it. i've been working here 8.5 years (really? doesn't seem *that* long, but it is), have the most experience of anyone in the course (by a noticeable amount, too) - i'm hoping this means not that they've just kept me on until now and are finally getting me trained right, but that it's seen as useful for a more experienced editor to have gone through training, so stuff can be passed on to others, or something. the definite irritation about it (other than 3 hours/week that i just know no one will reduce the rest of my workload comensurately for) is that there's homework! ok, yes, it's reasonable stuff, i guess, but 6 things to do/read for homework? i asked how long they expect the assignments to take... (an hour, supposedly). still, so far it has been reasonably informative, and it is a change of pace from the other stuff i do..
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a cow orker just pointed out a fox right outside my window (!), the same one who spotted the groundhog and the skunk earlier... he claims not to be working much.... (must be an epidemic)

yesterday someone at work announced her retirement, and there is much shuffling of roles in the wake of this. now it looks like i'll be put on projects that are not with the person i can't stand to work for :-)

yesterday's physical therapy started with a bath. i got to put my hand in lightly warm water doing my stretches as the water jets helped me. 1st water in over a month on my hand, and it felt wonderful! the therapist was pleased w/ the progress i'd made, too.

dinner with cthulhia and queue, before going to zzbottom's. it struck me as funny to be in a room where all but 1 person had an lj, and talking about the social aspects thereof (the word of the day seems to be thereof.), when we all could've been having a Real Life [TM].

i was highly entertained by the video of zzbottom and awfief on local communinty television - the host was incredibly bad, to say the least.

and coming home with tigerbright on the T we went through stops i don't think i'd been through before (also nice to have time to chat.).

oh, and the organic spelt bread from tj's is pretty good, if a bit sweet for bread.
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"ma'am, i need you to step away from the keyboard."

"ma'am, please stop typing now. you've been requested to stop on 2 charges, one count of neglecting the work you're supposed to be doing, and one charge of forgetting to eat when hungry lest you miss something "good" posted to your friends page."

"yes, i understand index checking is a boring job designed to rot the brain, ma'am, but i really need you to stop typing now."

"i'm giving you 5 seconds, ma'am."

"i'm drawing my weapon ma'am. please stop typing now."

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1."

[a flash, and the screen goes blank, fades to black.]
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i had my first chametz mid-morning: a bowl of grape nuts with vanilla spy milk (thanks, queue!)... strange how it didn't feel very different than (from? why can i not keep this in my head?) what i've been eating this week. tonight i'll have actual bread, though. i wonder if it'll taste particularly good?

wildlife notes from the office: a bunch of watched a groundhog from the windows today (i'm glad i don't overlook the parking lot). it was just hanging out for a long while, not far from the hole a skunk apparently lives/lived in. (i haven't seen it.).
the ducks are gone from the tiny pond by muzi ford.

one of the pots of scallions that died in my office & i hadn't gotten around to throwing out yet is making a comeback, with green shoots a couple of inches tall already (this without water in months.)

quiet day in the office. a day of getting small things done, but no one thing i can point to & say it's done. atleast i can bring work home to do over the weekend/do monday from home, so i don't have to take a day off for the pin removal/start of therapy. already one of the boss-people asked when she can move me onto another (typing-heavier) project. feh. therapy will be weeks...
(really, typing one-handed is getting faster. the skills i wish i didn't have to improve...)
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this morning i got an email (sent friday) from the head o' department. he asked me to stop by to discuss my review, and this one was much different... he thanked me for the training i'd done, asked about what training i might get this year. i told him of feeling burnt out on some of this, and he heard it, though there's not much he can do right now about it.

much nicer than the previous pass...

(now, if only i were healthy....)
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i was already having a cranky, tired sort of day when a boss came in & said i'd have my (annual) review with the dept head at 2 pm. 2? but i leave at 1 on fridays. oh. so then i was to go to her office in half an hour. during which time i didn't do more than skim the papers she'd given me before the head of my book comes in & starts jabbering about the next lesson.

so, i go in, & we talk of other (work) things, then get down to the review.
what do i hear? well, nothing overtly negative, but no positive strokes, either. (the writeup was done by someone who i worked for for a month last year). i am told that the schedules have changed, and so i won't be switched to working on the teacher books, perhaps ever. this was what was going to get me away from the heinous head of book i can't stand to work with. i'd complained about working with her (tactfully. really.), and supposedly this was the solution. guess not.

i ask about whether i'll be training more people next year - i trained 7 people last year, and it took time. and this is what i hear: (a) i should've only trained people on my book, (b) i took it on myself to train more people, (c) i should learn to close my door & not help people. this from the woman who, when i said it was a lot to train more people, said i should put it on my fucking year-end review.

and she points out that the review is for "exempt employees", which means that i'm exempt from overtime. not working it, of course, just being paid for it. and how that's one of the disadvantages of being on staff. (fyi, she's a total workaholic). so the implication is there that i don't work enough. (i don't know if some of that is the 1 pm leave time, but i've had that since i started 9 years ago, already. shabbat-stuff, etc.)


not that i said that. i couldn't figure it all out so quickly what i should say, however, so i was quiet. which was probably a mistake.

time to work more on the resume. i feel they're using me as much as possible, but don't support me at all.
there are a couple of people in my office i'd miss if i left, but i've started to see them sometimes outside the office.

any suggestions of what to do next, in this cruddy job market?


Jan. 15th, 2002 03:21 pm
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i got my chapter out the door this morning (hooray!), and got another chapter's tech art on its way as well. and i have no motivation to start on the next chapter, with 40 minutes 'til i leave for the day. so i'll post here instead (how long can i take to post this...?).

so, notes from a workday. today we were given, yet again, copies of the company's equal employment opportunity policy (also the sexual harrassment policy). why they feel a need to email everyone AND give us hard copies, i don't know. what a waste of time. queue pointed out a wonderful inconsistency: in the first paragraph, they assure us they run a company that does not make employment decisions based on race, creed, sex, etc etc etc. and the second paragraph says they have an affirmative action plan to recruit more minorities, women, vets, etc. hm. copy-edit, anyone?

(hooray for email. yet another time-suck when i want one!)


Jan. 14th, 2002 06:25 pm
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is being asked to go to a conference of the national catholic educators association because it doesn't run over shabbat (unlike the other group's conferences i'm likely to be sent to), and realizing i can't because it's on passover (into the last days, days i don't work).

work blahs

Jan. 3rd, 2002 01:27 pm
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yet again, i wish i were not here, forcing myself to work on things that are not currently fascinating, when there is so much else i could be doing, productive stuff, too (grocery shopping, cooking, writing (the paper journal calls my name today) seem to be the most imperative right now, but i'm sure there's other things that would appear if i weren't here.)

don't mess

Jan. 2nd, 2002 10:23 am
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with my files. if you're commenting on my edit, write the comments on the hard copy, or type in new paragraphs if you want, but don't take a copy of my file and type in the new stuff over it - then i have to look at each & every word to see if it's changed... at least she didn't put it on the server in the revised version, but it's still damn annoying. why can't she see this?


Dec. 21st, 2001 01:44 pm
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in my headlong rush out of work today (fleeing the irritating boss, lest she suck me in to another useless conversation that wastes time), i forgot to grab the dress i usually keep in my office (just in case i bike to work) that i'd decided to bring to chicago with me. ah, well. i suppose i'll end up shopping anyway...

(also forgot to set the out-of-office message, but so few people are going to be in next week, i suppose that's ok)


Dec. 19th, 2001 01:03 pm
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"is it bad if a lesson is not in the new template?" he asks.

"bad" doesn't enter the equation. there's a new template, you get the document into it, sooner rather than later if possible. definitely by the time the final edit goes out, and yes, before the first edit goes out if you're in the midst of it.
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i was so proud of making a really nice salad for lunch today (assembled at work: romaine, mesclun, scallion, halved grape tomatoes, chopped up hard boiled egg, a spicy vinaigrette made at home).
(sad, that this is the most pleasing part of my workday. (well, other than boggle. i found donuts, not to mention mavens and ravens :-))

and then there's a building-wide holiday festival-of-sugar. most of which i can't (won't? where does kosher fall in that range?) eat, except for the immediately identifiable hershey's and reese's stuff. so of course to compensate, i eat far too much really-not-exciting chocolate.

maybe the romaine will counteract the chocolate?


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