Dec. 21st, 2001 01:44 pm
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in my headlong rush out of work today (fleeing the irritating boss, lest she suck me in to another useless conversation that wastes time), i forgot to grab the dress i usually keep in my office (just in case i bike to work) that i'd decided to bring to chicago with me. ah, well. i suppose i'll end up shopping anyway...

(also forgot to set the out-of-office message, but so few people are going to be in next week, i suppose that's ok)


Dec. 19th, 2001 01:03 pm
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"is it bad if a lesson is not in the new template?" he asks.

"bad" doesn't enter the equation. there's a new template, you get the document into it, sooner rather than later if possible. definitely by the time the final edit goes out, and yes, before the first edit goes out if you're in the midst of it.
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i was so proud of making a really nice salad for lunch today (assembled at work: romaine, mesclun, scallion, halved grape tomatoes, chopped up hard boiled egg, a spicy vinaigrette made at home).
(sad, that this is the most pleasing part of my workday. (well, other than boggle. i found donuts, not to mention mavens and ravens :-))

and then there's a building-wide holiday festival-of-sugar. most of which i can't (won't? where does kosher fall in that range?) eat, except for the immediately identifiable hershey's and reese's stuff. so of course to compensate, i eat far too much really-not-exciting chocolate.

maybe the romaine will counteract the chocolate?


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