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2 entries ago, i'd misplaced my itinerary and cousin's phone number.

as it turns out, i had the itinerary in my bag the whole time (feh).

and i didn't manage to look up the (2nd) cousin's phone number.

instead, i went to rent a movie last thursday evening (out in a tall truck-like thing, with a brown-gray standard poodle riding shotgun (why his name is "gotcha" i'm not sure i want to know...)). i go around the video store attempting to find the video we'd decided on, meandering in hopes of figuring out what genre they've decided it is. finally find it, turn to go, and see a familiar face - my cousin's wife. i've only met her a couple of times, so i'm not sure it's her, then i see him. they're rather surprised. "what are you doing here?" "renting a video" i say casually, as if i often go to evanston for flicks. nice chat, they give me their phone number, and i manage not to call before i go. (far too much stuff going on to have a free moment....)
talk about small worlds....


Dec. 25th, 2001 12:12 pm
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i got e-tix for my flights. i know i printed the itinerary out at work, and of course while packing cannot find it. (thank goodness i booked online, just went and found the info). i'm sure i printed it - did i not bring it home, or did i put it somewhere stupid? no way to know.
unfortunately, i also printed out a cousin's number, so i'll have to do some work once i get there to find it. feh.


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