Jun. 5th, 2002 09:04 am
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It turned out to be a much more interesting evening than I'd anticipated (well-rested will be my goal for another evening, instead).
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Friday after work I helped [livejournal.com profile] queue and [livejournal.com profile] hrafn move into their new place (along with [livejournal.com profile] treacle_well and [livejournal.com profile] zzbottom, as noted elsewhere). I'm glad it didn't rain until later, but the cooler air would've been nice...

I did make it to Shabbat.... )
Today I've been rather slothful, nothing much worth noting. On the other hand, the plants on my porch are taking advantage of the good growing weather (plus rain; I haven't had to water them much this year so far) to send out lots of new leaves (I need to turn some of them, so they're not too lopsided; the advantages of container gardening...), and I'm finally seeing some growth from the ginger! I'd just about given up, thinking that finally getting it into dirt had shocked it so much it had gone into a growing coma or something. Whereas now I'm hoping it just was on a root-growing frenzy.

I got the latest ArtsMail catalog, and am now tryi ng to figure out what I want to see, when, etc. So many choices...
Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] prog, we should figure out when a cooking session would work, and really schedule it this time!
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Shabbat dinner at a friend's place that included a cold almond soup with garlic and halved green grapes (I know it sounds odd, but it was good), some wonderful mushrooms with 2 kinds of potatoes, a chocolate cake with 3 kinds of fresh berries.

The birthday picnic included a wheat-barley salad (including olives, halved grape tomatoes, scallions, pine nuts, and a cider vinegar vinaigrette) that was well-received :-), also yet another of the vegan chocolate cakes, chocolate chips spelling out the birthday boy's name.

And later today I attempt my first batch of dumplings in chicken soup.

From my place to the Hatch Shell, then back again after the concert. On the way there, I found another of those painted signs attached below a parking sign; it is by the intersection of Hampshire and Union streets, I believe, on the south side of the street, and has a bit of a castle keep on a white background. I still find the width of the sidewalk on the pepperpot bridge alarmingly small, but it was cool to see the decorations only visible to pedestrians and boaters. And on the way back, we all appreciated the rising of the full moon; gorgeous.

A walk around a neighborhood in Malden, noticing the architectural details of some of the houses; I hadn't walked around those particular streets before, so it was fun to see new places. (One place had gargoyles guarding it!)

Games played:
Lost Cities, Tigris & Euphrates (no Boggle! amazing!)

The birthday picnic was Saturday afternoon in front of the Hatch Shell, with many friends, much food, presents, and bubbles. The day was pretty nice for it, too, though cooler in the shade than I was comfortable with; I hadn't worn enough layers. The music at the concert was good, though I liked Suzanne Vega the best, and I know some of that is the lack of incredibly loud bass in her music, compared to the other 2 groups, which makes me feel old (I hadn't remembered to bring earplugs....). Ah, well. Much silliness, all around :-).

The clothing swap was Sunday afternoon, and I was glad to have gone, though wasn't feeling well enough to hang out longer and chat with people :-( (I was particularly glad to see Mangosteen, even if it was briefly - it's been far too long.)

And I enjoyed watching some classic cartoons on DVD. There were some fables and fairy tale ones I hadn't realized had been animated by Disney so long ago. And, other than the usual sterotypes I'd expected, I was surprised by how much spitting there was, and use of southern drawl to denote laziness. Still, the use of the music and the visuals together really are fun to watch.

busy week

May. 15th, 2002 06:40 pm
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So much going on, it's been hard to keep up.

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Last night potluck was at [livejournal.com profile] cthulhia's in honor of her roommate's birthday. I was pleased to be asked to make a (vegan chocolate) cake for the event. I missed the beginning of potluck with major food consumption (carousing with actuaries again, as well as running into [livejournal.com profile] hammercock by the bike path (It always makes me feel good when I see people on the street that I know. The city is not faceless, it is more home than I'd thought, or something like that.)).

Happily, I returned before the s inging of "Happy Birthday," so got to see the enthusiastic cake consumption that ensued. It was also a surprise (pleasant, of course) to see [livejournal.com profile] prog there.

Many people enjoyed the green silly putty I'm using for therapy, either trying it out, or e nding up in geeky discussions of silly putty properties or buying silly putty in bulk.

I saw disturbing photos digitally made of a cucumber exterior sliced to show orange (the fruit, not just the color) inside. Also an orange with onion inside, and vice versa.

And this birthday monster included herself on the birthday monster clean up crew as well. (Has anyone else read this book?)

Ooh, and how could I forget? I was greatly surprised and pleased by [livejournal.com profile] pheromone's gift of a stash of white Icehouse pieces. White Ice! (shouldn't that be the name of a mixed drink?)

(I'm sure there were other pieces of the evening I'm forgetting, but a great wave of tiredness descended upon me before I wanted to leave...)

I wish my place were as well laid out for larger group entertaining... definite apartment jealousy...
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Something I can safely say I've never done until now. Yes, candlepin bowling (you know, the little balls, like a cross between real bowling and bocci (sp?)) with giddy actuarial types. Actually, I had a lot of fun. The place looks like the 70s haven't ended yet, and we were all silly enough that gutter balls were entertaining... 10 frames, and I managed 60 points (2 frames I had no points at all). Not a great score, but that didn't matter. Glad my friends got through their tests.

Sunday, etc

May. 6th, 2002 11:10 am
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Sunday turned out to be as overbooked as Saturday, though with less exercise.
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May. 4th, 2002 10:29 pm
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Shabbat was eventful, as was the afternoon before.... It was down to the wire with getting all the cooking done in time.

What I cooked: challah for Shabbat and for the tea party. vegan chocolate cake for both shabbat and the tea party. funky pizza (salsa instead of tomato sauce, olives, capers, mozzarella & cheddar). pasta salad (with feta, olives, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, chickpeas, white pepper, olive oil, a bit of balsamic vinegar). chocolate-peanut butter stuff that won't be truffles but is very good. sauteed eggplant and onions. and (later) a green salad with halved grape tomatoes, mango, fresh basil, scallions, and a balsamic vinaigrette which had some cayenne. I was pleased with how things turned out.

Late dinner last night (Shabbat starts ar ound 7.30 these days), but relatively early to bed. Which was good, because today was packed.

An early lunch, then out to Somerville Open Studios (I think that will have to be a separate entry, when not so incredibly tired), walking all over the city. A stop at the Diesel, then on to the tea party, which was wonderfully detailed in all aspects, from the "eat me" and "drink me" labeled items, to the Cheshire Cat in the front hallway (only his grin on the stairwell :-), the white rabbit out front, pages from a copy of the book posted in appropriate places... Very impressive. [Later addendum: and how could I forget the bouquet of white and red roses with different playing cards stuck in!] Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] treacle_well for making such an Alice-y event! And I got to see people I haven't seen in a while as well. (And the first tomato sandwich of the season. Yum.)

And after a number of Boggle rounds, time to head home, tired from more-than-usual walking (which it shouldn't be, but is. Sigh.) in the bright sun (perfect open studios weather, in fact)..


May. 3rd, 2002 11:51 am
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I went to potluck last night, for the first time in far too long. As usual, I didn't get there until after dinner had started (I never aim to be late, but always manage to be late for this event).

Someone asked what I'd brought in the bag, and when I said "bread," there was a huge cheer (surprising me completely) from half a dozen people: there was much cheese there, but they'd wanted bread to put it on.

Highlights: I got to hear Daniel (I think he's 3) sing through his whole repertoire, including the alphabet song, and many permutations of baa baa black sheep (white sheep, purple sheep, different colored birds...). And see the amazingly matching haircuts some friends got. And hear about interesting medical stuff. And eat lots of strawberries (It's been a strawberry week; I've had strawberries at least once a day every day this week.). And give a head-skritch or 2. And give/get some excellent hugs.

It was good to see people. I should go more often.

Oh, and seeing brilliant flashes of lightning on the way home was cool (didn't rain before I got in).


Apr. 30th, 2002 09:58 pm
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I went to my college friends' fourth kid's upsherin, a first-haircut birthday party on his third birthday. I didn't expect much of this, since I think of an upsherin as a rather chassidic custom, not filled with meaning for me. But it was really nice.

The rest of the event. Much Jewish terminology ahead. )
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a cow orker just pointed out a fox right outside my window (!), the same one who spotted the groundhog and the skunk earlier... he claims not to be working much.... (must be an epidemic)

yesterday someone at work announced her retirement, and there is much shuffling of roles in the wake of this. now it looks like i'll be put on projects that are not with the person i can't stand to work for :-)

yesterday's physical therapy started with a bath. i got to put my hand in lightly warm water doing my stretches as the water jets helped me. 1st water in over a month on my hand, and it felt wonderful! the therapist was pleased w/ the progress i'd made, too.

dinner with cthulhia and queue, before going to zzbottom's. it struck me as funny to be in a room where all but 1 person had an lj, and talking about the social aspects thereof (the word of the day seems to be thereof.), when we all could've been having a Real Life [TM].

i was highly entertained by the video of zzbottom and awfief on local communinty television - the host was incredibly bad, to say the least.

and coming home with tigerbright on the T we went through stops i don't think i'd been through before (also nice to have time to chat.).

oh, and the organic spelt bread from tj's is pretty good, if a bit sweet for bread.


Mar. 18th, 2002 01:32 pm
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a couple of times in the last few weeks i've had people add me to their friends lists, before i'd thought to add them.

i guess i'm still more caught up in the whole "who likes me" / popularity thing than i'd thought, 'cause i was pleased each time in just that sort of way.

wish i were more grown up, felt more complete in myself than i seem to be...

on the other hand, the older i get, the more i wonder if i missed some essential bit of knowlege or arcane rite or something: i don't feel like an adult yet, just a kid with an overlayering of more experiences, more thoughts. (i keep the "rhymes with orage" one-panel cartoon on my fridge, one woman saying to her friend "i keep expecting to be arrested for impersonating an adult.") and the kid has been known to come out (particularly with prolonged exposure to my parents... why can i not keep surly teenager inside?)

anyway. did the grown ups i knew when i was a kid feel the same way? just waking up to realize they had grown-up lives, but inside were still kids?

(somehow the poem "when i am an old woman i shall wear purple" seems relevant here.)
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(Warning: sentence fragments ahead.)

Favorite description of the evening: Cthulhia calling blood oranges "goth oranges."

Appreciating the host's newly renovated kitchen, an amazing makeover. Particularly entertaining were the non-UL-approved light fixtures, which could be played with (by the host, of course) to cause sparks.... wonder how long he'll keep them...

Finding out from a mutual friend that the person I met Sunday and like (see a previous post from Sunday; I'm too lazy to make a link) also likes me and wants to be friends. :-)

Getting one of my siddurim (sing. siddur = prayerbook) to someone for use at a minyan at someone's house - satisfying to be able to be useful.

(and of course, the magnets!)

a good day

Feb. 28th, 2002 03:11 pm
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For no particularly good reason, it's a good day. Yes, I'm too tired (enticed past my bedtime by eggcellent eggtreme egg-creativity), but that doesn't seem to matter, either.

Purim day turned out to be just as rushed as it always is, no matter how I think it won't be. I made it to the latest megillah reading at Hillel, and was pleased to hear Brian's reading, with silly voices :-). I ducked out just before the end to avoid the crush of the mad mishloach manot traders (having graduated from that state of dragging huge bags to shul myself), though there were a few who managed to catch me.

Breakfast was lovely, indulging in an improptu frittata (breakfast food for breakfast! what a novel thought.). Then to assemble my mishloach manot and walk around delivering them. It was a beautiful day for a walk (hard to believe 24 hours later it was snowing), which would have been better had I not been stupid enough to have my winter coat with me that I had to carry around (how silly, a winter coat in February). Then a dash over to Harvard to hang out with Z and hold her baby while she met with a student. Followed by a dash home before driving to the Diesel. The windows were open, and friends were sitting at the front, rather than the back... I almost missed them! Some Boggle games later, I headed out for my official Purim seudah, which included the obligatory drunk guy, a friend who I've never seen drunk before. Luckily he was easy to manage, and rather complimentary...

Yesterday was dinner with Cthulhia (ok, I'm far too proud that I managed to get a real meal on the table in about half an hour), followed by pysanky at her house. I continue to be amazed & impressed with the designs she draws. I wish my fine motor control were half so good... (and of the 2 eggs made last night, only 1 had a Jewish theme. And neither of the Sunday eggs did, either....) Yet again the difference between what I can imagine creating and what I manage to create is huge. Ah, well. Perhaps this will jumpstart me on some of the other projects I've thought about.

Tonight is potluck, and another ginger dough is already rising at home. This time, no crystallized ginger in the dough, just ginger powder & ginger tea. I'm planning to roll out the dough & put chopped up crystallized ginger and chocolate chips on it, roll up, and bake. Another experiment by the currently ginger-obssessed baker. (Only about 20 lb of flour to use before Pesach, after all... Anyone need bread? :-).
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(no, this is not about an event at my house.)

a friend of mine got married last month in australia. he used to live here, so he's bringing his bride for a 2-week visit of the old stomping grounds, and some of his friends are throwing a party to celebrate their wedding, since none of us managed to schlepp ourselves out there. well, actually, one other friend and i are planning the party (i still don't quite know how that happened).

we bounced email back and forth, discussing who to invite (who's left who knows him), and, later, food and venue. fine. at least i'm not having to host a party at my house on a weekend i'm going out 2 nights and having a houseguest, even if i do have to produce a quantity of food.

and then this morning checking the home email i find he's sent out an invitation to the whole minyan list! this goes to a couple hundred people. i know most of them won't come, but it is NOT what we had discussed (a month ago, but he didn't email about changing anything). and he put my name on it, too. misspelled. plus he doesn't seem to have emailed any of the people who aren't on the minyan list who were on the invite list. i am so annoyed at this guy.

[later addendum: he hasn't emailed the other people yet; he's waiting for the guest of honor to send a list of invites. so what the hell was that post to the minyan list this morning about?!]

(and it doesn't help i have to do year-end self-review stuff at work; always a hard thing for me to do, saying just how wonderful i was if they haven't figured out that i'm useful (except when posting here, i suppose....))
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i'm still a bit annoyed at trader joe's - i'd wanted to make meatballs this week, and they had none of the ground turkey. so it's chicken again. (the people coming over being more interested in meat meals...). next time, a nice dairy or pareve meal, i think.

bread's in the oven, along with 2 trays of lemon chicken with rice (double-wrapped for kosher purposes), and rosemaried (if that's a word) carrot-parsnip-sweet potato melange. turkey soup heating, also gingery spinach cooking (thanks to an idea from an entry of pheromone's). i decided to try the trader joe's vegan apple pie, being lazy about dessert. it feels good to be making a shabbat meal, with leftovers built in so i won't eat too much weird food next week. and rather astonishing that i've spent just about an hour on it; there's still almost 2 hours until shabbat! (i could cook more stuff!).

the other nice thing about this shabbat (other than my rhapsodizing over food, not very entertaining for anyone else) is that i have an invitation to lunch this week.

it's been ages since i've been invited out (in advance, in cambridge), and i'd been getting sad about it. i always seem to end up in the same thought-loop about it: darn it, i invite people over, why don't they reciprocate? but you can't make other people do stuff you want them to do. so i have to adjust my attitude about it, not be so invested (and stop inviting the people who never have invited me back and never arrange other times to hang out/do stuff, either (i can think of one who's come over at least 6 times. why can't i keep my mouth shut?)) in what other people choose, just enjoy the good that comes when it comes, and keep on cooking for myself & those friends who are really friends.

(love those run-on sentences!)


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