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i'm still a bit annoyed at trader joe's - i'd wanted to make meatballs this week, and they had none of the ground turkey. so it's chicken again. (the people coming over being more interested in meat meals...). next time, a nice dairy or pareve meal, i think.

bread's in the oven, along with 2 trays of lemon chicken with rice (double-wrapped for kosher purposes), and rosemaried (if that's a word) carrot-parsnip-sweet potato melange. turkey soup heating, also gingery spinach cooking (thanks to an idea from an entry of pheromone's). i decided to try the trader joe's vegan apple pie, being lazy about dessert. it feels good to be making a shabbat meal, with leftovers built in so i won't eat too much weird food next week. and rather astonishing that i've spent just about an hour on it; there's still almost 2 hours until shabbat! (i could cook more stuff!).

the other nice thing about this shabbat (other than my rhapsodizing over food, not very entertaining for anyone else) is that i have an invitation to lunch this week.

it's been ages since i've been invited out (in advance, in cambridge), and i'd been getting sad about it. i always seem to end up in the same thought-loop about it: darn it, i invite people over, why don't they reciprocate? but you can't make other people do stuff you want them to do. so i have to adjust my attitude about it, not be so invested (and stop inviting the people who never have invited me back and never arrange other times to hang out/do stuff, either (i can think of one who's come over at least 6 times. why can't i keep my mouth shut?)) in what other people choose, just enjoy the good that comes when it comes, and keep on cooking for myself & those friends who are really friends.

(love those run-on sentences!)


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