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One of the books I worked on a couple of years ago won the company's product of the year award (based on sales above projections). (It's "PreAlgebra," if you must know.)

what I get out of the deal )
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It was so satisfying to see people happy to get the things that I no longer needed.
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Last night potluck was at [ profile] cthulhia's in honor of her roommate's birthday. I was pleased to be asked to make a (vegan chocolate) cake for the event. I missed the beginning of potluck with major food consumption (carousing with actuaries again, as well as running into [ profile] hammercock by the bike path (It always makes me feel good when I see people on the street that I know. The city is not faceless, it is more home than I'd thought, or something like that.)).

Happily, I returned before the s inging of "Happy Birthday," so got to see the enthusiastic cake consumption that ensued. It was also a surprise (pleasant, of course) to see [ profile] prog there.

Many people enjoyed the green silly putty I'm using for therapy, either trying it out, or e nding up in geeky discussions of silly putty properties or buying silly putty in bulk.

I saw disturbing photos digitally made of a cucumber exterior sliced to show orange (the fruit, not just the color) inside. Also an orange with onion inside, and vice versa.

And this birthday monster included herself on the birthday monster clean up crew as well. (Has anyone else read this book?)

Ooh, and how could I forget? I was greatly surprised and pleased by [ profile] pheromone's gift of a stash of white Icehouse pieces. White Ice! (shouldn't that be the name of a mixed drink?)

(I'm sure there were other pieces of the evening I'm forgetting, but a great wave of tiredness descended upon me before I wanted to leave...)

I wish my place were as well laid out for larger group entertaining... definite apartment jealousy...


Mar. 7th, 2002 10:28 pm
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I went to potluck at andy's tonight, mostly for the company, partly to see his newly renovated kitchen. It's amazing how much he managed to do; it's really nice (and it was rather a pit before). There are maple cabinets, and the appliances are steel exterior. It all goes well together, really. I asked about the naked-of-magnets fridge, and he told me that that's the one drawback he hadn't realized about the fridge: it's not magnetic. So I asked about his magnet toys (a whole system of magnets that can be played with to make paths for marbles; far too much fun), and he gifted me with them! Not at all expected (now I'll have to make some room on the fridge, with all the other magnets, magnet poetry, cartoons, photos, etc.), and totally wonderful :-). And once I get a double-A battery, I have gear magnets to put up, too. A whole play station without leaving the kitchen!

(The obligatory food note: I made zaatar flatbreads for potluck. I thought of a bunch of other things I might make in addition, but wasn't up for more than that, so maybe next week....)

(The non-obligatory apparel note: lots of comments on the ceramic necklace of a woman's face and earring I was wearing, the one I bought when i was about 14. Nice to have it noticed.)


Feb. 28th, 2002 09:14 pm
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i got home to find a package waiting for me, a box sent by grand rabbits toy shoppe in boulder, colorado. hm. i had a flicker of a thought about unexpected packages, wondering if i should be suspicious, but then just opened it. there was lots of brown paper, then something wrapped in funny blue hippopotamus wrapping paper, a thank you gift for hosting friends. i opened it to find..."gearation" refrigerator magnets, 6 battery powered moving magnets :-). now i have to find a double A battery.... more toys for the fridge!

i made the chocolate ginger bread i'd planned for potluck tonight, one big (over 2 lb) loaf. it was still warm when i brought it over, and smelled great, with the chocolate & cinnamon & ginger. i waited until the main meal was over, then brought it out, and it was a hit: molten chocolate and small chunks of ginger in a really nice bread. definitely repeatable- it was almost gone very quickly! (and i'd worried it would be underdone. it's hard to do that large a loaf, getting the insides done without the outsides getting too dark.)


Jan. 9th, 2002 10:02 am
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i went home last night to find a bunch of messages on the machine. one was from a friend calling in the middle of the afternoon to see if i was home, when he knows i'm at work then. odd. so once i finished checking email, i called back. had i been in the kitchen, he asked. no. so i dragged the phone (you know, one of those old-fashioned kinds, with a cord of finite length) into the kitchen, to find he'd come over and changed the lightswitch in my kitchen! it had been a push-on one, that at every shabbat dinner with new friends i'd had to mention they shouldn't lean back and turn out. now it's a more regular flip up and down one, but with a shield over it, so on shabbat there won't be accidents. then he told me it's also a dimmer switch. very cool. and he left my new (though not yet paid-for) power drill (low-end, but very cheap. my first power tool!) recharging in the corner, too. (maybe now i'll finally take the sukkah down? yeah, right)

it felt like i'd had a visit from mechanically-inclined elves, especially nice because it was so unexpected...
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(still haven't started packing, and i need to be ready to walk out the door in 2 hours)

just canned the 2nd batch of mango chutney. this batch doesn't have fresh ginger in it- i found that the root i had has started to bud (or expand, or grow, or whatever the correct biological term is), so i'm hoping for the best while i'm gone, then maybe i'll plant them when i get back. it would be so cool to grow my own ginger, though i don't think i'd be able to keep up with the amounts i like to use at times (i once used a pound of fresh ginger in a ginger marmalade (in addition to a bag of preserved ginger and ginger tea.... not for the faint of heart!). on the other hand, i go through some months when i don't use any at all, so it might work.
(just heard the ping of the first half-pint sealing. :-)

i bought 2 keychains yesterday, though i didn't need any new ones. the more funky one is a little plastic refrigerator on a chain, one that lights up when you open the door. then there's a little "veggie bin" in the bottom half, which comes out just enough to let you take out the little plastic bag of miniature magnetic poetry words! they're small enough that they're a pain in the butt to put on the fridge, but they look cute near the larger ones that i got at some professional convention as a giveaway (hence some not expected words. no, nothing THAT exciting. sorry), and there are some nice words that don't overlap the large set. is it a good sign that the last word i put on the fridge was "happy"?
(interestingly, the packaging put a choking hazard warning on, saying not for kids under 3, then labeled it ages 8 and up. well, then.)
(the other key chain is made from old cutlery. not nearly the same funkiness factor.)

i gave some friends their presents last night, and (just as when i give kippot) the best part is getting to watch people open the things i thought they'd like, and be right :-) (ok, mostly)
maybe that's why i tend not to get things for non-local friends (other than just the out of sight thing, or not knowing their latest enthusiasms, or not knowing what they already have, or not remembering days that might be significant) - i wouldn't get to see them open whatever it is. (not a really good excuse, i admit)

i can't believe how many movies i've seen in the last week and a half.
(2nd ping of jar)
no, haven't managed lotr yet... i suspect that will end up happening in january - my chicago friend is unlikely to want to get a babysitter for that. but it won't be going away anytime soon, so all i have to do is manage to avoid conversations with spoilers. (yes, i read the book, but it was a long time ago. i'm sure there are some things that would be spoilers, though. there always are.)
on the other hand, i saw "amelie," "trembling before g-d" (yes, the hyphen is in the title.), and the jim carrey (one R or 2?) "grinch," which was more entertaining than i'd thought it would be. i still don't understand how people manage to see lots of movies (and keep up with tv shows) and have an active life. (sleep deprivation is not a good long term option!)

at brunch on sunday, i ended up eating too much, i think partly b/c i didn't know so many people there. (at least there were a couple of 3-yr-olds to play with part of the time!). there were the usual fishly brunch options: lox, whitefish salad, and tuna salad. i was amused and thought of queue as i ended up eating more tuna than anything else.
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(aka secret santa, or, to some, secret satan)

somehow i've ended up organizing this in my dept for the last x years (5? i don't know).

this year, i was given "the worst-case scenario survival handbook: travel", which i haven't read fully yet, but includes sections on such hazards as being abducted by aliens (ebe; extraterrestrial biological entity), how to climb out of a well, how to handle a runaway camel, how to survive a severed limb, how to navigate a minefield, how to survive a tsunami, etc etc etc. highly entertaining. plus there are phrases in the back, translated into 4 different languages, helpful things such as "you will never make me talk" and " may i borrow a towel to wipe up the blood?"

i see an entertaining read ahead...
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i am so touched that someone went to the trouble of forcing the bulbs, planting them for me, making sure i got them just as the flowers are opening (beautiful white blossoms).

so many unexpected gifts (the flowers, the thoughts behind the flowers....).


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