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I finally did see the movie, on a snowy Sunday afternoon. The movie is long enough that the weather had changed by the time we got out!

Visually, a beautiful film (I definitely want to visit New Zealand). And since I haven't read the books in more years than I care to think about, I didn't have my usual problems that movie-of-book usually brings up. On the other hand, I just didn't picture orcs as being so... moist. (My orcs are much drier, more armor-plated, somehow.)

But what I finally realized was what most bothered me was how most characters are determined by race. You're an orc, and bad. You're a hobbit, and good. Yes, there are individuals with some choice (mostly humans, but there are some others, too), but on the whole, genetics are destiny. It felt far too close to the Brian Jacques books, where woodland animals are good/bad depending on species (mice good, rats bad, etc), and far indeed from other books I find wonderful. The author who comes to mind first is Guy Gavriel Kay, who manages to have characters who are both good and bad. Maybe it's just my limitations, but I can't imagine someone who thinks that whatever it is per is doing is awful for everyone. (even horrible dictators of recent history did things that they viewed as having ultimate good (for some definition of good), even if the acts themselves were nasty.)

I really did enjoy the movie, though. It didn't feel like 3 hours had gone by at all (though the sound track was rather louder than I was comfortable with...).
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this weekend was full of them.

a quiet shabbat at home, reading (the best of which was The Shadow of the
by Orson Scott Card, truly a gifted writer). it was the first
night in a long long time by myself; it was good to have a break.

saturday night (ok, i almost wrote motza'i shabbat, which is the same thing,
essentially) cthulhia and queue and i went to see the 2nd night of a
festival of 10-minute plays (some of them were a bit longer...), which was a
lot of fun. some were merely ok, while others were great. and boggle
happened afterwards, and i managed to win some :-).

today was totally scheduled (i really have to return some phone calls some
day, some time when i'm home at a reasonable hour....), a visit from queue
followed by Gosford Park at harvard sq with other friends. (no
spoilers i can think of to come) it's a beautifully done movie, all the
details just so, rather understated in dialogue, plot devices (no bashing
you over the head with conversations including direct details. lots of
innuendo used). i found the sheer number of characters a bit hard to keep
track of (10 houseguests, the host family, the myriad below-stairs

home for some (rather late) breakfast (leftover tilapia & onions. (it's a
kind of fish)), then off to cthulhia's for an epiphany of gift giving. i was
surprised & pleased with much chocolate (some from burdick's), and
(essentially) an invitation to host a (small) party, one of the how to host
a murder things.... now i have research to do on the correct sort of meal,
costume, etc; this definitely won't happen until february - january is far
too full already (at least the weekends, and i'm not going to figure out how
to fit this in on a weekday. oh, wait - there's a long weekend in january.
maybe that monday? hmmmm.). thanks to cthulhia and pheromone (also to prog -
i got to see his hair :-).
some games afterward, too. one involved smashing rats with anvils (all
cards, no real rats were used in the production of this entry), then a game
of guillotine (i finally got to play a whole game; last time (the first
time) was interrupted when the friends-in-the-hospital finally got to move
to share a room.)

but wait, the day is not done. i'd missed the jim's big ego concert cthulhia
had gotten people to go to, so she invited me along to hear him solo at a
house concert in arlington. i had a great time, crammed into a livingroom
with 25 other people to hear him sing & play guitar & recite poetry & talk
with an audience of fans...

(and now, despite tiredness, i type here. why can i not just go to bed?)
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(still haven't started packing, and i need to be ready to walk out the door in 2 hours)

just canned the 2nd batch of mango chutney. this batch doesn't have fresh ginger in it- i found that the root i had has started to bud (or expand, or grow, or whatever the correct biological term is), so i'm hoping for the best while i'm gone, then maybe i'll plant them when i get back. it would be so cool to grow my own ginger, though i don't think i'd be able to keep up with the amounts i like to use at times (i once used a pound of fresh ginger in a ginger marmalade (in addition to a bag of preserved ginger and ginger tea.... not for the faint of heart!). on the other hand, i go through some months when i don't use any at all, so it might work.
(just heard the ping of the first half-pint sealing. :-)

i bought 2 keychains yesterday, though i didn't need any new ones. the more funky one is a little plastic refrigerator on a chain, one that lights up when you open the door. then there's a little "veggie bin" in the bottom half, which comes out just enough to let you take out the little plastic bag of miniature magnetic poetry words! they're small enough that they're a pain in the butt to put on the fridge, but they look cute near the larger ones that i got at some professional convention as a giveaway (hence some not expected words. no, nothing THAT exciting. sorry), and there are some nice words that don't overlap the large set. is it a good sign that the last word i put on the fridge was "happy"?
(interestingly, the packaging put a choking hazard warning on, saying not for kids under 3, then labeled it ages 8 and up. well, then.)
(the other key chain is made from old cutlery. not nearly the same funkiness factor.)

i gave some friends their presents last night, and (just as when i give kippot) the best part is getting to watch people open the things i thought they'd like, and be right :-) (ok, mostly)
maybe that's why i tend not to get things for non-local friends (other than just the out of sight thing, or not knowing their latest enthusiasms, or not knowing what they already have, or not remembering days that might be significant) - i wouldn't get to see them open whatever it is. (not a really good excuse, i admit)

i can't believe how many movies i've seen in the last week and a half.
(2nd ping of jar)
no, haven't managed lotr yet... i suspect that will end up happening in january - my chicago friend is unlikely to want to get a babysitter for that. but it won't be going away anytime soon, so all i have to do is manage to avoid conversations with spoilers. (yes, i read the book, but it was a long time ago. i'm sure there are some things that would be spoilers, though. there always are.)
on the other hand, i saw "amelie," "trembling before g-d" (yes, the hyphen is in the title.), and the jim carrey (one R or 2?) "grinch," which was more entertaining than i'd thought it would be. i still don't understand how people manage to see lots of movies (and keep up with tv shows) and have an active life. (sleep deprivation is not a good long term option!)

at brunch on sunday, i ended up eating too much, i think partly b/c i didn't know so many people there. (at least there were a couple of 3-yr-olds to play with part of the time!). there were the usual fishly brunch options: lox, whitefish salad, and tuna salad. i was amused and thought of queue as i ended up eating more tuna than anything else.


Dec. 23rd, 2001 10:09 pm
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a wonderful french film. quirky, beautiful, entertaining.
a discussion in the car back as to whether it could be labeled magical realism or not, but either way, the film is great. the ending is not the surprise, the journey there is.
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this turned out to be, despite all its flaws, a very cool documentary.
it's playing at the coolidge theater for another couple of weeks, and i might consider going again.

too tired to be much more coherent about it now.


Nov. 26th, 2001 12:15 am
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So, I finally went to see the HarryPotter flick. And it looks good, but there are pieces I missed from the book. The people I'd asked had liked it; maybe I just really prefer the complexities a book can delve into that a movie (even a 2.5-hour one) just can't. Still, lots of the effects were wonderful, and they did get so many of the characters as they should be (well, _almost_ as I imagined some of them. And now it's harder to remember the things I imagined differently, since they weren't large differences...).
It was also nice to be out with a group of friends (some of whom ran into yet other people they knew. Small world.), at an actual movie theater (though the sticky stairs back down to the mezzanine was less than wonderful).


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