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luckily, my escapade with corkscrew hasn't impaired typing ability, so no excuses at work today... on the other hand, it's definitely noticeable for other sorts of activity, like cooking, where i'm definitely favoring it. (though some of that is to avoid getting bandages wet, not necessarily for the cut itself...)
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people came over for shabbat dinner. i open a bottle of wine to make kiddush. or at least, i start to. as i bring the 'arms' down to lift the cork (this is one of those cheapo corkscrews, nothing high tech), i manage to get my thumb in the way. suddenly i'm bleeding from a nice oval-shaped wound, the flesh underneath a rather scary blue-purple color. i had images of that bit of flesh falling off... i applied pressure while holding it in the air, and my guests found antiseptic liquid, also bandages, in my bathroom (thanks, everyone!). got it covered, finally. it twinged throughout the meal, and when i looked at it afterward the skin was a reasonable color, but still bleeding a bit.

today it seems to be healing, but i'm wondering how much having a slightly incapacitated thumb will be a problem. thumbs are so useful; i hadn't really paid any attention before (yes, i know, opposable thumbs very advanced, got us out of trees, or whatever. but that was not... internalized knowledge....).

hm. i suspect this is my most impressive self-inflicted wound (the other one that might rate is when i put a small metal crochet hook through the fleshy part of the palm beneath the thumb. the two holes looked rather like an interesting snake bite.). i don't really want to top this.... :-)


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