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(still haven't started packing, and i need to be ready to walk out the door in 2 hours)

just canned the 2nd batch of mango chutney. this batch doesn't have fresh ginger in it- i found that the root i had has started to bud (or expand, or grow, or whatever the correct biological term is), so i'm hoping for the best while i'm gone, then maybe i'll plant them when i get back. it would be so cool to grow my own ginger, though i don't think i'd be able to keep up with the amounts i like to use at times (i once used a pound of fresh ginger in a ginger marmalade (in addition to a bag of preserved ginger and ginger tea.... not for the faint of heart!). on the other hand, i go through some months when i don't use any at all, so it might work.
(just heard the ping of the first half-pint sealing. :-)

i bought 2 keychains yesterday, though i didn't need any new ones. the more funky one is a little plastic refrigerator on a chain, one that lights up when you open the door. then there's a little "veggie bin" in the bottom half, which comes out just enough to let you take out the little plastic bag of miniature magnetic poetry words! they're small enough that they're a pain in the butt to put on the fridge, but they look cute near the larger ones that i got at some professional convention as a giveaway (hence some not expected words. no, nothing THAT exciting. sorry), and there are some nice words that don't overlap the large set. is it a good sign that the last word i put on the fridge was "happy"?
(interestingly, the packaging put a choking hazard warning on, saying not for kids under 3, then labeled it ages 8 and up. well, then.)
(the other key chain is made from old cutlery. not nearly the same funkiness factor.)

i gave some friends their presents last night, and (just as when i give kippot) the best part is getting to watch people open the things i thought they'd like, and be right :-) (ok, mostly)
maybe that's why i tend not to get things for non-local friends (other than just the out of sight thing, or not knowing their latest enthusiasms, or not knowing what they already have, or not remembering days that might be significant) - i wouldn't get to see them open whatever it is. (not a really good excuse, i admit)

i can't believe how many movies i've seen in the last week and a half.
(2nd ping of jar)
no, haven't managed lotr yet... i suspect that will end up happening in january - my chicago friend is unlikely to want to get a babysitter for that. but it won't be going away anytime soon, so all i have to do is manage to avoid conversations with spoilers. (yes, i read the book, but it was a long time ago. i'm sure there are some things that would be spoilers, though. there always are.)
on the other hand, i saw "amelie," "trembling before g-d" (yes, the hyphen is in the title.), and the jim carrey (one R or 2?) "grinch," which was more entertaining than i'd thought it would be. i still don't understand how people manage to see lots of movies (and keep up with tv shows) and have an active life. (sleep deprivation is not a good long term option!)

at brunch on sunday, i ended up eating too much, i think partly b/c i didn't know so many people there. (at least there were a couple of 3-yr-olds to play with part of the time!). there were the usual fishly brunch options: lox, whitefish salad, and tuna salad. i was amused and thought of queue as i ended up eating more tuna than anything else.
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cthulhia did it: my first hot chocolate at burdick's. yum.....
(dang. i suspect i'll end up there far too frequently now...)

(maybe next time they'll have the chocolate-dipped ginger, too.... maybe i'll have to make some.)
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i finally turned half the case of mangoes into mango-ginger chutney. it's... rather spicy (sorry, cthulhia!).

brought a pint to potluck (sent it home with cthulhia; i assume that means she's forgiven me for that first bite :-), and have 4 half-pints (which sealed themselves from the heat, and will last ages) and part of another pint (for more immediate consumption).

unluckily, the cooking i am doing for shabbat cannot include very spicy food, or i'd bake it on chicken (yum). maybe next week. or maybe i'll have non vegetarian people over not on shabbat (gasp) for non leftovers (double gasp) before i leave.

still have to figure out what i want to do with the other 6 mangoes... (maybe another permutation of mango chutney? other than ginger, any suggestions for complementary major flavors? (there's always hot spice, vinegar, and sugar))
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i was so proud of making a really nice salad for lunch today (assembled at work: romaine, mesclun, scallion, halved grape tomatoes, chopped up hard boiled egg, a spicy vinaigrette made at home).
(sad, that this is the most pleasing part of my workday. (well, other than boggle. i found donuts, not to mention mavens and ravens :-))

and then there's a building-wide holiday festival-of-sugar. most of which i can't (won't? where does kosher fall in that range?) eat, except for the immediately identifiable hershey's and reese's stuff. so of course to compensate, i eat far too much really-not-exciting chocolate.

maybe the romaine will counteract the chocolate?
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bread & circus had a sale on mangoes (individually or by the case)... so now i have a case of mangoes, plus a bunch of ginger (fresh and crystallized)....
there will be mango(-ginger) chutney this week (magical wavings of hands in the air....)

(now, if i could just remember i have to remedy having no onions to my name....)

(time for bed, when the ellipses start conquering the rest of the post....)
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why is it that the last few weekends have seemed so-many-more-than-2-days long?

perhaps it's just having lots of things to do with friends....

sunday i got to read part of a book by will cuppy i'd not read before. he cracks me up, with a rather geeky academic humor. and the 2nd (vegan) chocolate cake was enjoyed as well (i must buy sugar; i completely ran out of regular granulated sugar.).
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has been much better than the previous entry, really it has.

shabbat rosh chodesh hannuka dinner turned out well (cooking experiments at the last minute for dinner didn't backfire this time :-). i skipped the grinch sing-along in the end, partly because it had gotten late enough that walking over was iffy for time, partly because it was still raining & i just didn't want to get drenched again (& walking 2 miles each way means even a non-downpour ensures squishy socks :-( ), partly because i was tired after 2 nights with less-than-optimal amounts of sleep. i ended up chatting with one guest for a while after the others had left, and that was a good option, too (always nice to have 2 good options).

i skipped shul (my bat mitzvah haftarah, too. ah, well), had a lazy day reading, punctuated by a visit from queue & his sister, who had been looking at apartments. then as soon as shabbat ended, a whirlwind to get out of the house & over to the somerville high school - i was lucky enough to have been invited along as cthulhia's guest (navigator) on one of the 2 somerville illuminations tours. there was a cool parade (jugglers, people on stilts, a lit chinese dragon), and the tour itself was a lot of fun, going around to gawk at all the lights some people decorate their houses with (some of which i'd already found). and cthulhia was a great tour guide, funny, well-prepared.

dash home to make a vegan chocolate cake for pheromone's birthday bash, her name spelled out in chocolate on top (not too big a cake :-). i got my (almost-beach) costume together, but still seemed to take a while to get out the door... didn't matter, the party was in no danger of ending anytime soon... i was pleased (surprised, too) that the cake had such a good reception. a fun beach party; i talked to a few new people, mostly people i already knew, and suddenly it was after 2 & i knew i would crash soon. Time To Go Home (imagine mary poppins saying that at the tea with her uncle who had laughing gas....).

(why i'm awake after far too little sleep is another question. too light sensitive, maybe. i guess it's the price i pay for life without an alarm clock...)
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(aka hannuka, hanukka, hannukka, hanukah, hannukah, hanukkah, hannukkah, chanuka, ... you get the idea. isn't transliteration fun?)

the holiday started last night, and i had a much nicer beginning to this low-key holiday than i had expected to have.

i was hanging around having gotten home from geocaching (thanks, cthulhia! (oh, and thanks to queue for driving)) in the lynn woods. it was too early to light candles, but late enough that i didn't want to go out & get something productive done. the phone rang, and an old friend was calling from jerusalem :-) i haven't talked to him in ages, and it was great just to hear his voice. and the best part of all: he & his wife may be here next year on sabbatical! (i don't really know his wife that well, having met her just before the wedding last year in israel, but she seems nice, and i trust his choice... so i assume she's a cool person to know better.)

another call from a good friend, then i lit the first candle. i had rearranged the living room a bit so i could put the menorah by the window (the traditional place to put it, to publicize the miracle of hannuka. which doesn't seem so effective these days, with so many lights for other holidays festooning the houses all around, but there you go.). i watched the candles burn, then read the traditional-for-me kids' claymation book about hannuka. (let me know if you'd like to read it, or just look at the pictures, which are wonderful).

hh had invited me to dinner, which turned out to be a dinner party: sitting around chatting over drinks, then an elegant meal, with candle-lighting in between. the food was lovely, the chat rather medical, with 4 of the 6 people who started the meal being doctors. (one couple was 1.5 hours late). the menu: mushroom-barley soup (3 kinds of mushrooms), then blackened salmon, salad, herbed green beans almondine, and hh's homemade latkes (recipe from his hungarian mom, with scallions in them) (and the traditional applesauce and sour cream available to top them). dessert included an apple-nut cake, some kind of sefardi cookies that were somewhat hard dough wrapped around a fruity/nutty filling, and chocolate medallions. i ate far too much & enjoyed every bite.

i'd thought i'd get home early enough to do things around the house, but it was around 11 by the time i got home. maybe today i'll manage to be productive...


Dec. 7th, 2001 03:11 pm
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shabbat lunch is almost vegan.... didn't have egg substitute to put in the corn bread...

challah and wine, followed by honeydew melon with a touch of lime and some mango.
then chili baked under the cornbread, a salad, winter squash with maple syrup. then a(n experimental) apple cranberry crumble.


Dec. 7th, 2001 12:00 am
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it's december, it should be chili weather, darn it.
i don't care, so i made chili anyway. vegan chili, 6 different kinds of beans (almost all the kinds in the coop, except mung beans, which just don't go in chili), for potluck tonight. but i ended up going so late that all i could bring was a dessert (lemon sorbet, must get more), so i have a huge vat of chili, much more than i will need for shabbat (just as well i didn't bring it to potluck; apparently i was in tune with the 4 other people who made chili...). hmmm, can i freeze it? (if so, can i find a freezer with space?)

a good day, all in all, with much boggle & time with friends, even without any greater accomplishments. (i even managed to use 2 new kitchen items, a flame tamer and a mortar & pestle (ok, so maybe that's 3 items), gotten at the closeout sale at lechter's last week. i can't believe i ran out of ground cumin....).
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i'm still a bit annoyed at trader joe's - i'd wanted to make meatballs this week, and they had none of the ground turkey. so it's chicken again. (the people coming over being more interested in meat meals...). next time, a nice dairy or pareve meal, i think.

bread's in the oven, along with 2 trays of lemon chicken with rice (double-wrapped for kosher purposes), and rosemaried (if that's a word) carrot-parsnip-sweet potato melange. turkey soup heating, also gingery spinach cooking (thanks to an idea from an entry of pheromone's). i decided to try the trader joe's vegan apple pie, being lazy about dessert. it feels good to be making a shabbat meal, with leftovers built in so i won't eat too much weird food next week. and rather astonishing that i've spent just about an hour on it; there's still almost 2 hours until shabbat! (i could cook more stuff!).

the other nice thing about this shabbat (other than my rhapsodizing over food, not very entertaining for anyone else) is that i have an invitation to lunch this week.

it's been ages since i've been invited out (in advance, in cambridge), and i'd been getting sad about it. i always seem to end up in the same thought-loop about it: darn it, i invite people over, why don't they reciprocate? but you can't make other people do stuff you want them to do. so i have to adjust my attitude about it, not be so invested (and stop inviting the people who never have invited me back and never arrange other times to hang out/do stuff, either (i can think of one who's come over at least 6 times. why can't i keep my mouth shut?)) in what other people choose, just enjoy the good that comes when it comes, and keep on cooking for myself & those friends who are really friends.

(love those run-on sentences!)


Nov. 30th, 2001 01:08 pm
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this morning was the first time in weeks i've actually made bread dough. it's amazing how long it's been, when i usuallly bake at least once a week. and kneading dough is a wonderfully tactile thing to do. (perhaps not as wonderful as some other tactile things....)
and of course there's also the added benefit of a house that smells great and the fresh bread itself, perhaps with just a touch of butter melting in the heat of the just-opened roll....

must go & finish the batch!


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