Apr. 16th, 2002 07:06 pm
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the neighbors put in a new patio last fall, and now i'm seeing what it means for me: less green visible from my porch :-(

i hate that there are ants invading my place right now. for me, it's worse than mice, by far, i think because we had ants when i was growing up. the exterminator would come every so often, spray stuff that smelled awful and was probably toxic. blech.

i finished the curried cauliflower improv from last night, the last bit with some eggs poached in it. yum. i'm still reveling in the cooking power.
oh, dang - i have to get one of those egg-stractor things (i wonder if pearl art has them? hopefully i'll remember to call.) so i can save the shells for cthulhia.

from saturday's gaming: someone mentioned there's an online translator into swedish chef. someone else said there's a translator for mr. t-speak (from the a-team; i assume he doesn't talk like that outside the show). so... what about putting something through both translators, one after the other? would it make a difference which was first? (are they commutative?) alas, i am too lazy to try to find the actual urls.

accomplishments of the day: finished state taxes, therapy, a chapter of index checking, paid condo fees for the year, boggle playing... hmmmm. i think i need to do something useful tonight...
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and after all that, the guy comes, we talk for a few minutes, & he goes away again (to return tomorrow with long ladders to get on the roof). i told them when i made the appointment what i ended up telling him. what a waste of time...


Dec. 7th, 2001 02:47 pm
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a new roof was put on my building around 6 or 7 years ago. now that someone in the building is selling, someone looked at it, and determined that the roofers need to get some nails that are protruding not to, and check the edges around the skylight. no problem, right?

first they have an answering system that doesn't let you leave a message.

then i get hold of them, set up a 7am appointment (they offered, i took it.). to which they never showed. i called twice that day, no response until the next day, when they apologized- there had been a death in the family. i can understand that (though why no one in the company could spend 5 minutes to call that day's appointments, i don't quite understand.).

so the next appointment was over a week later, again at 7 am. yesterday i'm sitting around (well, getting things done in the kitchen, actually) waiting for them. i call at 7.30, and they say, basically, it's hard getting up in the morning now that the clocks have changed (well, why did you _offer_ an appointment that early unless you can keep it?), can i be there a while longer? well, no. i have to get to work.

so he agrees to come today, at 2 pm. and, amazingly, no one was here at 2. i kept cooking for shabbat (things are running a bit late today :-(, just now have the bread in the oven....) until 15 minutes ago, when i finally called. and the woman said he'd just left, it was a 3 pm appointment. which i know is not what _i_ wrote down. i'm unlikely to make a 3 pm appt on a friday when shabbat starts before 4....!

so now i have to finish the cooking, straighten the house, set up for shabbat, shower, get to shul by 4.... and deal with the roofers. argh!


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