Jun. 5th, 2002 09:04 am
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It turned out to be a much more interesting evening than I'd anticipated (well-rested will be my goal for another evening, instead).
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busy week

May. 15th, 2002 06:40 pm
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So much going on, it's been hard to keep up.

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I went to some of the open studios Saturday. There are so many places that seeing them all in one day (5 hours, that is) is pretty much impossible. Since I had brunch-with-parents Sunday, I knew I wasn't going to see all that was available. Luckily, what I did see (thanks to suggestions from [livejournal.com profile] cthulhia) was great.

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May. 1st, 2002 06:37 pm
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I was walking home from Harvard Square, heading through the Yard, and there are a lot of installations being put up. I think this weekend (in addition to the other myriad events) is Harvard's ArtsFirst or something...

The things I noticed on my diagonal walk:
Slices of not-so-big tree trunks place around one area.
A barrier of some sort being made of branches somehow being held together. Random lacy effect.
A huge (people-sized), red exercise wheel, the kind which, when smaller, is often found in hamster cages (and other small rodent pets' cages. Far be it from me to be overly hamsterite... :-)
Two curved bridges, wider at each end than the middle, covered in grass.

I could also see, by the end of the Yard I wasn't near, some sort of white rectilinear tall thing, and a blue thing that looked like it might've come from a playground. And I'm sure there are things I missed.... Don't know how long they'll be there
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in an art gallery in the theater, a large-enough-to-do-its-original-job-size model guillotine... painted pink.


Feb. 24th, 2002 08:33 pm
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making pysanky this afternoon, courtesy of cthulhia, along with hrafn, was really interesting. i'd not thought about all the ways to cover an ovoid surface, all the possibilities for shapes, representational and just geometric, and how layering of color can work. so many different variables and axes to experiment on.... i was also surprised that i was able to make something so pretty even the first time. the tree hrafn drew was amazing, and the detailed work of the master is so impressive.

cthulhia, you may have created an addict!
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has been much better than the previous entry, really it has.

shabbat rosh chodesh hannuka dinner turned out well (cooking experiments at the last minute for dinner didn't backfire this time :-). i skipped the grinch sing-along in the end, partly because it had gotten late enough that walking over was iffy for time, partly because it was still raining & i just didn't want to get drenched again (& walking 2 miles each way means even a non-downpour ensures squishy socks :-( ), partly because i was tired after 2 nights with less-than-optimal amounts of sleep. i ended up chatting with one guest for a while after the others had left, and that was a good option, too (always nice to have 2 good options).

i skipped shul (my bat mitzvah haftarah, too. ah, well), had a lazy day reading, punctuated by a visit from queue & his sister, who had been looking at apartments. then as soon as shabbat ended, a whirlwind to get out of the house & over to the somerville high school - i was lucky enough to have been invited along as cthulhia's guest (navigator) on one of the 2 somerville illuminations tours. there was a cool parade (jugglers, people on stilts, a lit chinese dragon), and the tour itself was a lot of fun, going around to gawk at all the lights some people decorate their houses with (some of which i'd already found). and cthulhia was a great tour guide, funny, well-prepared.

dash home to make a vegan chocolate cake for pheromone's birthday bash, her name spelled out in chocolate on top (not too big a cake :-). i got my (almost-beach) costume together, but still seemed to take a while to get out the door... didn't matter, the party was in no danger of ending anytime soon... i was pleased (surprised, too) that the cake had such a good reception. a fun beach party; i talked to a few new people, mostly people i already knew, and suddenly it was after 2 & i knew i would crash soon. Time To Go Home (imagine mary poppins saying that at the tea with her uncle who had laughing gas....).

(why i'm awake after far too little sleep is another question. too light sensitive, maybe. i guess it's the price i pay for life without an alarm clock...)
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walking to shul last night, i found that the tree that had been cut months ago to be another chair in the series (does anyone know whether the chairs made out of tree stumps are a random public artist's enthusiasm or whether the city of cambridge is doing really cool stuff?) and had been rotten in the middle has now been modified. the paint is still wet, so i haven't yet sat on it, but trowbridge st. now has its own throne. (i know of at least 4-5 others.)

(and i can't believe i walked around all day today in sandals. it's december!)


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