Jul. 6th, 2017

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  • a bunch of rainbow chard
  • six pickling cukes
  • five summer squashes
  • a bunch of "pearl" onions (more like golf-ball-sized...)
  • a small head of Savoy cabbage
  • six ounces of garlic scapes
  • a small bag of mixed salad greens (three ounces? four?)
  • two heads of lettuce (I chose one red Boston, and traded a green leaf for more scapes, since I have a bunch of lettuce left from last week)
  • a bunch of basil or dill (I chose basil, the last one there... but I was planning on using basil for dinner tomorrow anyway)
  • six ounces of mushrooms, a mix of yellow oyster mushrooms and shiitake
    bonus (ie I came later and there was tons available): two bunches of starting-to-flower dill, another Savoy cabbage, and a couple of extra summer squashes

First thoughts: jasmine rice cooked in scape stock, then sauteed chard and fresh dill added; some cabbage and cuke to go into spring rolls; a big green salad with basil, tomato, mango, and chicken poached in salsa; dilly pickled garlic scapes; roasted summer squash and/or squash relish (something like this).


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