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With Red Fire again this year, though my *nutrition* class means that I have arranged for friends to pick up for me for the first three weeks...

  • 1 celeriac
  • 2 pounds mixed turnips (gilfeather and/or purple top; my friend chose purple tops for me, though I think I'd have chosen the other way)
  • 1 bunch (=3 medium) purple kohlrabi with leaves
  • 1 bunch tiny Hakurei turnips with leaves)
  • 1 bunch (=3 small) green garlic with leaves
  • 1 bunch oregano
  • 2 heads of lettuce (not sure if there was a choice; I ended up with 2 heads of romaine)
  • 0.5 pound of spinach (large enough leaves to be more on the cooking end of things)
  • 0.5 pound mixed baby greens (tat soi, kale, mizuna, arugula; in looking at the contents, I'm guessing I ended up with mostly arugula, which is fine by me)

First thought: dang I'd been hoping for overwintered parsnips like last year.

So far: most of the purple-top turnips have been put to fridge pickles, with the rest and the celeriac roasted. The kohlrabi greens, spinach, and hakurei turnip greens were sauteed with onion, crimini mushroom, potato, lemon, and smoked mackerel.

Still to do: some salad, of course, possibly with the Hakurei turnips and/or kohlrabi. Also some kind of mustardy kohlrabi slaw.

Not sure what to do with all the oregano; ideas?
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