Jan. 2nd, 2015 11:50 am
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On one of my walks it occurred to me that i could use some of the leftover boozy fruit I had hanging around to make a batch of (vegan) mincemeat. So I looked at a bunch of recipes online (interestingly, a noticeable subset of them had ingredients marinating together for at least a day, not cooked0, then got some fresh fruit, and started cooking. Historically, it was made with fruit, meat, and spices, a way to use up the ends of things, so I was comfortable substituting fruits for other fruits. I pulled out the food processor, chopping up fresh oranges and pears, also a bag of frozen cranberries, and a couple of carrots. I added chopped boozy apples, boozy plums, boozy ginger, and boozy mulberries, with any liquid. I put in some leftover sweet pickle brine (I'd run out of unused cider vinegar, and white vinegar felt wrong), the end of a box of brown sugar, then some white sugar. I used ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and ground allspice. I cooked it a while, then canned six pints; I had the bit of leftover for breakfast.

The plan: use it for pie or hamantaschen.


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